Welcome to How Bad Do I Academy!

It's really time to get it together! I'm glad you took the time to stop by! Please don't be a stranger! We are growing together!

This Community is About Growth

This community will provide you with like-minded people to push you right into who you were created to be! Be free, be you, and please be respectful!

A Positive and Respectful Environment

This is not a toxic community! Yeah, dirt is required for growth, however, in this community, we are washing the dirt off and getting out of our pits!

Rambling for Good Intentions

This is definitely a slight ramble, however, it's real over here! I'm MsLalexis and I write like I talk most of the time! lol

Leave Your Mark!

Feel Free To Leave A Comment and Write Below That I WANT IT BAD!

That's leaving your signature on the wall and writing it out that you want it bad! And as we win together and grow, you will remember the day you made up your mind to not look back!

This Is How You Enter To WIN On Our Team and Be A Part Of Our Monthly Drawings!

  • Make up your mind to not look back.
  • Leave your signature on the wall.
  • Write out that you want it bad!
  • Subscribe to our emails and
  • Be part of our monthly drawings


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I want it bad! 😫 lol. 10/2022


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