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Welcome to How Bad Do I Academy!

The place where you come and ask yourself one of the hardest questions HOW BAD DO I? Finish that question with a want? Need it? Inspire it? Etc you get the gist and that’s just the beginning of how you ended up here! Let this Academy first help you discover your IT? Then how to get it! Ok!

A Little Background of Who and How This Company Got Started

Who is MsLalexis? MsLaLexis is the founder and CEO of this academy and it was founded when she asked herself this question? How bad I want it! She discovered that her IT was to change her life to be the woman she dreamed of! To be the Woman God called her to be!

She stopped allowing her life circumstances to drown her in depression and she showed up! She said so what? I have PCOS! So what? I’m overweight! So what? I procrastinate! So what? My Dad died when I was a teen. So what? I am a divorcee and who some may consider the Woman at the well. So what? I’ve been a single Mom.…. And the list of So what’s? Was so long she couldn't make any more excuses for not showing up in life. She decided to just show up! And this academy has been a blessing for many.

MsLaLexis's Mission

MsLaLexis's mission is to help others discover their "IT" and to be the person they have always dreamed of being. She is dedicated to helping others find passion and purpose in their lives, no matter what their circumstances. Her passion is to help others tap into their inner strength and use it to create the life they want to live.

You are here because you know you are one who is tired of being sick and tired and you want to be who the Most High Created you to be! It's time to start showing up as the real you!


MsLalexis has years of experience helping and leading others to become the best versions of themselves. Teaching the importance of putting Yah first and loving yourself! Prioritizing your time while you are living! She has survived the dark days of depression and loneliness of not knowing who you are and living an unfulfilled life and is here to inspire you! That you too can live your best life on purpose!


Again welcome and MsLalexis is just a book, course, email and meeting away!

MsLalexis Quote:

“Don’t Buy that Bag Yet! Sis! Don’t Buy them Sneakers Yet! Bro! Buy the Course or session! Self Investment is way better than instant gratification! You will thank me later! Til this day I thank my mentors!”

Good day!

How Bad Do I Academy

  • Invest in yourself!
  • Choose long-term success
  • Thank your mentors



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